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Series part 3 - Infertility & the Enneagram: How Personality Affects the Ways We Cope

This is part 3 of my series about Infertility and the enneagram. If you need a brief intro to the enneagram personality model, I recommend reading parts 1 & 2 of this series first.

Graphic created by the Arizona Enneagram Association

Now then, the enneagram and infertility. 10 years of running the TTC gauntlet taught me this lesson: A bit more self- and others-awareness during that trial would have served me well.

The third part of this series will detail how types 7, 8, and 9 operate. You'll become familiar with your default coping style during stress, as well as gain some helpful ideas for managing it. Apply this information during your wait for a baby and you'll be a happier, healthier you at the finish line.

Type 7

Type 8

Type 9

You can complete a quick enneagram profile to find your type here, but honestly, I was completely off-base about my own type until I read and studied The Road Back to You. Go get the book!

Remember: The goal of the enneagram is not to excuse icky behavior (i.e. I'm being a jerk because I'm a "9"! ), but to increase your self awareness and to become the healthiest "you" possible as you cope with infertility. You'll also be thankful for this knowledge down the road, when you finally have that child you've been longing for. No doubt you'll be the best parent on the block!

Until next time.

Your infertility cheerleader,



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