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Sarah is available to speak at your next women's retreat, conference, or event!

Women's Topics

  • Finding Joy in the Wait

  • Surprised by Adoption

  • Hard Life,  Good God?

  • How to be a Friend to Those Who Wait

  • Life With Infertility

  • Our Embryo, Her Womb: Pregnancy with a Gestational Surrogate


  • Managing Adoption Openness 

  • Parenting Biological & Adoptive Kids 

  • Stop Parenting & Start Raising - From Disaster to Delight

  • Saying Yes to Your Kids (Most of the Time)

  • Social Media: Setting Limits with Teens & Tweens



  • Classroom Management

  • Building Community

  • Finding Your Teaching Style

  • Balancing Meaningful Instruction with Fun 

  • Teaching with the Brain in Mind

  • Balancing Career & Life for Greater Impact

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