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Weekend Treasures: Links I Love

Ever have those weeks when you look ahead and realize you have only five unscheduled minutes available in the next seven days? That's the entire end of the school year for me. Teaching and running my three kiddos to soccer practice, track practice, play practice, and driver's training (Just breathe) have left me little time for writing. Still, I long to connect with you, my faithful reader. Here is my compromise to a lengthy essay: links I love. Today I'm sharing some awesome resources that I hope will educate, encourage, inspire, and motivate. I hope to be back with you sharing my thoughts on real life, real faith...real soon.

For my friends facing infertility:

The mother of all holidays is next Sunday! My thoughts on How to Help an Infertile Friend Survive Mother's Day

For the fashionistas

I drooled over this shirt in a boutique in Sedona, Arizona, but passed it up for its $80 price tag. I snagged it on Amazon a month ago for under $20. I get tons of compliments on it, including those from my high school students who know fashion way better than I do!

One day very soon, someone may order me to "step away from the kimonos and no one gets hurt". Until that day, I'm all over this one for under $20.

For general encouragement:

I stumbled across this gem of a website when I was shopping for a devo for my soon-to-graduate niece. A site whose tagline reads, "For every woman returning to Christ-centered femininity", it boasts lots of freebies for women and teens.

I've posted about Ann Voskamp's "multivitamins for the soul" before. You'll find a treasure trove of feel good here!

For the foodies

I've been making big batches of this Blueberries and Cream Steel cut Oatmeal to portion out and stick in the freezer for my newly health-conscious husband (His annual cholesterol check inspired some changes). My 13-year-old daughter also loves it. Delicious and so good for you!

I break out this recipe for Chopped Cobb Mason Jar Salad every year when spring arrives and I need an alternative to my daily cold-weather hot-soup lunch. It is a bit labor intensive, but well worth the time for its nutrient-packed veggies and classic bacon-and-egg taste.


Until next time,


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