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When Christmas is Over

I don't know about you, but every year I slump into a post-Christmas mini-depression. After months of preparation--decking the halls, schlepping to parties, baking pumpkin bread and cookies, eating a year's worth of carbs in a month, jamming to Pandora's Holiday Favorites, shopping for the best deals, wrapping and opening gifts--the weeks following December 25th fall dismally flat. What was all the hoopla about anyway? The bright lights and shiny packages seemed only to serve as a temporary distraction from our inner malaise.

Enter Matthew West's song, Day After Christmas, whose lyrics remind us that we are not alone in our discontent. That, in fact, long after our Christmas trees are put in boxes or dragged to the curbside, long after the shine of Christmas has dimmed, the light of the world is still here.

This weekend, our house is still a bustle with New Year's Eve preparations. However, soon enough we will all be back to our routines under Michigan's relentless gray skies and bitter cold. At least in our household, winter is the most necessary time to tuck Christ's light snugly within us and nestle into its warmth.

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