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Book Update!

Hello friends and happy summer! This picture is a selfie taken right after rafting the rapids on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on the 4th of July. Wouldn't you know I had to take the photo myself as the rest of my family didn't think to snap a pic!

A lot of you have gotten in touch to inquire about my book, so I thought I would pass along an update.

While attending the Write to Publish conference at Wheaton College (Billy Graham's alma mater!) in June, I got connected with an agent and a couple of publishers who have shown interest in "Life After Infertility: A Story of Hope for Those Who Wait". This has complicated my plan to self publish just a bit. I am making modifications to my chapters to include a "takeaway" section before sending sample chapters back to those who have shown interest.

As for revisions, my editor, Jess Andrews, is on chapter 8 of what will probably be a 16 chapter book, so almost halfway through! Editing is a lengthy process involving about a week's worth of work on each chapter from Jess and then a couple days of blood, sweat, and tears from me once I get the chapter back.

Here is something I have learned, friends: Writing is HARD. Getting the words just right on the page requires at least as much nose to the grindstone sticktoitiveness as creative process. Jess would probably tell me to lose the cliches in the previous sentence, but she's not here so let's just keep that our little secret, shall we?

And speaking of secrets, for hanging on as loyal supporters while you wait to read the book in its entirety, I've decided to share a brief sample of chapter one with you. I hope you enjoy it and, as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

What about you? What projects are you tackling this summer?

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