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Book Review - Talking to Jesus: A Fresh Perspective On Prayer


Have you ever been in a prayer rut? Have you ever gone through the motions of talking to God and longed for something more out of the conversation? Jeannnie Blackmer's new book, Talking to Jesus: A Fresh Perspective on Prayer, might just be the jolt you need to pursue Jesus more deeply and personally. From the leper to the scribe and from the Canaanite woman to two blind beggars, Jeannie steps into the shoes of biblical characters and gives us new vision in the process. No flowery Christianese here. Jeannie talks to her readers girlfriend-to-girlfriend and offers a section of questions at the end of each chapter for personal response.

I found the story of the two blind men particularly poignant. What would it feel like to chase after Jesus alongside a friend who, like these men, shared common life challenges? Infertility. Cancer. Empty Nesting.

In the middle of parenting, I have become a part of a group of women who pray for and encourage one another. Though we are hundreds of miles apart, our experiences with prodigal children, bullies, and teen hormones keep us close and allow us to understand God's love as it is lived out through each one of us. Instead of walking through life alone in our doubt, hurts, and frustrations, we walk beside one another and lift each other up. We say, "I get it" and "It's going to be okay" and "I'm praying for you". Then we set aside time to approach God with our requests. Knowing that I have a team of pray-ers reminding God about my needs lightens my load and grows my faith.

Talking to Jesus has me excited about praying for the members of my tribe with expectation, instead of bringing God a laundry list of needs each night. As you will find in reading the book, prayer is about seeking, listening, and abiding in God's love and provision for us. You can order Talking to Jesus on Amazon Prime for about $12 right now. It would make a great Christmas gift for you last minute shoppers (like me!).


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