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“If I just followed my plan diligently, I would achieve the desired end result: a baby, motherhood, a family, a happily ever after. I pinned my hopes on this approach as surely as I had on all of the other things I had achieved in my life. Hard work plus a plan = success. A + B = C. So far, it had worked beautifully so it must be true. Only what if it wasn't?”


After months of testing, trying, and infertility treatments turn into years with empty arms, Sarah finds herself wrestling with tough questions. Is God real? Does He care about our dreams? Our suffering? Sometimes God doesn’t close doors and open windows so much as smash the whole place to pieces to make room for new construction.


In this poignant and captivating memoir, the author takes you on her journey to family; a 10 year struggle in which giving up her own plans for having a baby meant embracing something far better.

Format: 6x9 Paperback

Word Count: 90,000

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